An Attack on Our Democracy

June 24, 2022

We must continue to fight for the right to abortion.

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The Fight for Reproductive Justice Must Continue

Today’s Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade is an attack on women, pregnant people, and our democracy. 

Dobbs v. Jackson’s denial of the right to abortion will threaten the safety and economic independence of millions—especially for Black and brown women whose rights have always been more vulnerable.

And it is the result of a broken, antidemocratic court, with a majority forged by two presidents who lost the popular vote. 

As the fight now turns to the states and Congress, we must do everything possible to protect the right to an abortion, to bodily autonomy, and to economic independence.

All of which are—and always will be—intertwined.

Read our statement on the Dobbs decision.


Prices, Profits, and Power

What are the primary drivers of today’s rising prices?

In a new brief, Roosevelt’s Mike Konczal and Niko Lusiani offer an answer: Supply, demand, and market power all play a role.

Learn more in “Prices, Profits, and Power: An Analysis of 2021 Firm-Level Markups” and in coverage of the paper by the New York Times’s Peter Coy.


Join the Conversation

On Tuesday, June 28, at noon ET, join us for a discussion building on the themes of our recent All Economic Policy Is Climate Policy series, and exploring what policymakers can and must do to change course.

The virtual talk will be moderated by Hot Take’s Amy Westervelt, with an expert panel including Roosevelt Director of Climate Policy Rhiana Gunn-Wright and the New Republic climate reporter Kate Aronoff.

Register now.


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