Democracy Depends on the Senate

January 13, 2022

And so does our economy.

The Roosevelt Rundown features our top stories of the week.

The Filibuster Must Go

Just passed by the House, the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act is now off to the Senate.

The stakes for our democracy—and economy—could not be higher. And the 52 senators still defending the filibuster are endangering both. 

As Roosevelt’s Shahrzad Shams and Trisha Maharaj argue, some of those senators are directly contradicting their previous filibuster stances.

“Any senator who believed the filibuster should not be allowed to undermine our economy when it came to the debt ceiling should apply that same logic not only to protect voting rights but to counter all antidemocratic policies,” they write. 

“They should not allow this archaic procedural tool to continue obstructing a truly multiracial democracy.”

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Combating Today’s Rent Crisis

This week’s inflation numbers confirmed trends Roosevelt experts have noted throughout 2021. 

“Continued COVID disruptions on the supply and demand sides continue to drive the major contributions to inflation this month as we’ve seen over the past year,” Roosevelt’s Lauren Melodia explains.

Among the biggest contributors this month: housing.

The solutions, as Sammi Aibinder and Lindsay Owens wrote in a Roosevelt brief: massive investment in affordable housing and rent stabilization policies.

“This approach must start with, at the bare minimum, passing the Build Back Better agenda

with its proposed investments in housing supply.”

Learn more in “No Room for Rent: Addressing Rising Rent Prices through Public Investment and Public Power.”

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