How We Can Win the Policy Fight of Our Lives

April 12, 2019

Americans are calling for change. The current political moment demands a new approach to politics and policymaking. This week, Roosevelt released a new economic framework, New Rules for the 21st Century: Corporate Power, Public Power, and the Future of the American Economy. It offers policymakers a progressive “one-two punch” for building an inclusive economy: We must curb corporate power in markets and politics and also deploy public power in new ways to help ensure that all individuals thrive.

Our analysis is already gaining traction. The author of a Washington Post exclusive on the report called it “one of the most comprehensive explanations yet for the new and emerging progressive economics.” The New Yorker‘s John Cassidy underscored the crucial need for a robust progressive response: “The conservative policy agenda that triumphed from the 1970s onward was an expansive one, and it will take an equally expansive effort to roll it back.”

And at our April 10 launch event, keynote speaker Stacey Abrams called for urgent and collective action, saying,

“Corporate power depends on consumers. Public power depends on elected officials. Elected officials depend on voters. When we work together, when we reimagine the rules and write a new playbook—we can win.”

With the 2020 election cycle underway and big policy ideas ascendant in today’s political and public debates, we have a chance to push forward this new playbook. I’m grateful to work in partnership with you to do so.

Thank you for everything that you do to redefine the American economy and build a stronger, more inclusive democracy.