Fresh Ideas, Public Goods, the Tax March, and More

April 14, 2017

The Roosevelt Rundown is an email series featuring the Roosevelt Institute’s top 5 stories of the week.

1. Ideas Do Matter

10 Ideas journal, a collection of the top student-generated policy proposals from across the country on issues including human rights, foreign policy, education, health care, economics, energy and the environment, and democratic access. Check it out here.

2. Fighting for Public Goods

Roosevelt National Network Director Joelle Gambler spoke to MTV News about Roosevelt’s new Re:Public Project, discussing why privatization of institutions such as colleges and prisons has a negative impact on young people. Read more about the project in The Nation.

3. Expanding the Resistance

On our Roosevelt Forward blog, VP of Research and Policy Nell Abernathy writes that while progressives have had to ration their outrage given the onslaught of bad news coming out of the Trump administration, tomorrow’s Tax March represents an opportunity to show Congress there’s more to resistance than using the right hashtags.

4. Bad News for Borrowers

In the wake of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s decision to rescind Obama administration rules for student loan collections, Roosevelt Visiting Fellow Rohit Chopra tells USA Today that abusive loan servicing companies will once again have access to lucrative federal contracts.

5. Who Writes the Rules in Illinois?

Roosevelt @ UIC, in partnership with the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform, brought together eight state legislators and more than 100 students for a discussion panel and collaborative workshop focused on tearing down barriers to democratic access and participation for young people.

What We’re Reading:

What’s the matter with Kansas Republicans? In the wake of Ron Estes’s surprisingly narrow victory in a deep red district this week, FiveThirtyEight asks whether it’s association with Trump or the destructive economic policies of Governor Sam Brownback that have sunk the party’s popularity.


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