Fighting for Women’s Live, Resistance Strategies, and More

January 27, 2017

The Roosevelt Rundown is an email series featuring the Roosevelt Institute’s top 5 stories of the week.

1. Fighting for Women’s Lives

This week we hosted a conversation with Roosevelt’s Andrea Flynn and Joelle Gamble, Kelly Baden of the Center for Reproductive Rights, and Silvia Henriquez of All Above All, in which they discussed how the Trump presidency threatens women’s health and rights on issues ranging from abortion access to Medicaid. Watch it here.

2. Resistance Goes Local

As progressives develop strategies to resist the Trump administration, Roosevelt network Senior Associate Nehemiah Rolle recommends that we look to the South, where groups like Cooperation Jackson and Southerners on New Ground have been organizing vulnerable communities for decades.

3. Citizens, Not Subjects

Roosevelt Communications Manager Alexander Tucciarone responds to conservative criticisms leveled against last weekend’s historic Women’s March, noting that the event, organized and led by women of color, challenged a dangerously complacent strain of thinking in American politics.

4. The Austerity Era

Roosevelt Fellow Mike Konczal was a guest on Majority Report with Sam Seder, discussing his recent article on austerity in the Obama years and how it shaped not only our politics and economic policy but nearly every aspect of American culture. Listen here.

5. Government Sachs

As President Trump fills out his White House team with more and more Goldman Sachs veterans despite his promises to “drain the swamp,” Roosevelt @ NYU President Yimei Shao looks at the impact government by Goldman could have on climate change and inequality.

What We’re Reading:

On Mic, Alicia Garza writes about reconciling her desire to critique march participants who have sat on the sidelines until now with her belief that organizers must build a movement that reaches past those who already agree with them.


On February 15, join us for a breakfast conversation between Roosevelt Fellows Andrea Flynn and Dorian Warren, where they’ll discuss why progressives should not abandon identity politics in favor of a class focus, but must instead do both.