Where Do Clinton and Trump Stand on Rewriting the Rules of Our Economy?

October 5, 2016

At the beginning of this election season, the Roosevelt Institute challenged all candidates to rewrite the rules of the economy to promote growth and shared prosperity. Now it’s time to see where they stand. Today we are releasing a new candidate comparison based on the Rewriting the Rules agenda. 

With the release of Rewriting the Rules and our most recent reports Untamed and Rewrite the Racial Rules, our agenda focuses on a new set of economic rules focused on taming corporate and financial power and influence, helping families achieve a middle class life, and fighting racial inequities.

From speeches to policy platforms, we took a look at where the presidential candidates stand on making our economy work for everyone and not just those at the top. Our new candidate comparison allows voters to see exactly where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on the issues that matter most to leveling the playing field for all Americans.

Download the scorecard

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