Clinton Adopts Strong Rewrite the Rules Economic Narrative and Agenda in Michigan Speech

August 11, 2016 

Marcus Mrowka
Alexander Tucciarone

New York—Statement by Roosevelt President and CEO Felicia Wong and Democracy Corps Co-Founder Stanley Greenberg following Hillary Clinton’s Michigan economic speech. Roosevelt and Democracy Corps have partnered on an opinion research project on how to win an economic mandate in this election.

“It’s tough for people who work hard and play by the rules to get ahead because the rules work for the wealthy and well-connected, not for them. Secretary Clinton articulated a clear understanding of why our economy no longer works for most Americans and offered solutions to rewrite the rules of our economic and political system. Her speech today stands in stark contrast to the failed trickle-down rhetoric we heard from Donald Trump earlier this week.

“What we heard today is in line with the framework and agenda we published in our Rewriting the Rules report, which argued that inequality is a choice based on the rules we create, that there is no tradeoff between growth and fairness, and that we need to fundamentally rewrite the rules governing finance, taxes, trade, racial and gender disparities, money in politics, and other foundational elements of our economy in order to promote shared growth and prosperity. And it’s in line with our opinion research, which shows that Americans want bold changes to the economy and that candidates with an economic framework and agenda that connects with this voter sentiment can win a mandate on the economy and increase support and intensity among key voting demographics.

“With this economic speech, Secretary Clinton has made this election a choice about whether our economy works for all, not just the few, and that allows progressive economics to win a mandate in November.”


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