Mingle with alums and meet new Roosevelters from our vibrant community of young professionals. Enjoy delicious, complimentary hors d’oeuvres and cash bar. Friends, partners, and other progressive supporters are also welcome to attend. This party is brought to you with the support of Alumni Committee members Paola Martinez ’14 and Rajiv Narayan ’12, as well as

Eight years after the biggest market meltdown since the Great Depression, the key lessons of the crisis of 2008 are forgotten — and our financial system is just as vulnerable as ever. We know that our government failed to fix the banking system after the subprime mortgage crisis. But it’s not just banks. The misguided

New Rules for the New Deal

Last May, the Roosevelt Institute called on policymakers to rewrite the rules of the American economy. Now it’s time to set the agenda for 2016 and beyond. For decades, America has rigged the economy in favor of the wealthy and rolled back the victories of the civil rights movement, reinforcing centuries-old racial barriers. As a

The Roosevelt Institute hosted and in-depth breakfast discussion on the economic policies that resonate in the current political climate.with Felicia Wong, President of the Roosevelt Institute, Stan Greenberg of Democracy Corps, and Nell Abernathy, Roosevelt’s Director of Programs. “Rewriting the Rules,” our comprehensive economic agenda authored by Nobel Laureate and Roosevelt Chief Economist Joe Stiglitz,

Alumni @ Hyde Park 2016

Alumni @ Hyde Park 2016 About | Register | Logistics & Details | FAQs Hyde Park holds a special place in the hearts of many Roosevelters. For a decade now, the beautiful and historic landscape of FDR’s home on the Hudson River has been the backdrop for powerful collaborations and ambitious schemes. The 2016 election

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The Franklin D. Roosevelt Distinguished Public Service Awards honor individuals whose careers exemplify President Roosevelt’s extraordinary dedication to public service and seek to inspire a renewed national commitment to the principals for which FDR stood. This year’s awards were held on Tuesday, June 7 in Washington, D.C. Change can take a lifetime, and these men

Millennials will be an important and powerful voting bloc in 2016—they represent over a third of the workforce and 30.5 percent of eligible voters, including half of eligible Latino voters. But do we know what that means for the 2016 election—and beyond? Will young people defy expectations of low turnout? The Next Generation Blueprint for 2016,

Big Ideas Breakfast Series

Our Big Ideas Breakfast Series features leaders, scholars, and policy experts in fields ranging from economics to human and civil rights, presenting their views on current and emerging issues. Breakfasts are by invitation only. To learn more about attending a future breakfast, please contact Johanna Bonewitz at jbonewitz@rooseveltc4.wpengine.com. Past Breakfasts The Politics of Reproductive Rights and

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The Roosevelt Institute joined Fellows Mike Konczal and J.W. Mason, with keynote speaker Senator Tammy Baldwin and moderator Jim Tankersley of The Washington Post, at the National Press Club as we release two papers on corporate short–termism. Opening remarks were given by Senator Baldwin, followed by a panel with Cornell University’s Lynn Stout and the AFL-CIO’s Heather

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The Four Freedoms Awards are presented each year to men and women whose achievements have demonstrated a commitment to those principles which President Roosevelt proclaimed in his historic speech to Congress on January 6, 1941, as essential to democracy: freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want, freedom from fear. For more