Susan Holmberg is a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, where she researchers and writes on inequality and corporate governance issues, particularly around CEO pay reform and climate change. Susan is the author and co-author of publications including Rewriting the Rules (with Chief Economist Joseph Stiglitz), Rewrite the Racial Rules, and numerous articles and reports on executive pay, including the Atlantic article “Can CEO Pay Ever Be Reeled In?” Her writing has also appeared in The New York TimesThe NationDemocracy Journal, Salon, Grist, Truthout, and The Hill.

For four years, Susan also served as Research Director for the Roosevelt Institute where she was responsible for creating and upholding the quality standards for the organization’s research papers and reports.

Prior to joining the Roosevelt Institute, Susan researched and taught on a range of issues, including feminist economics, international and rural development, and cooperative business organizations. She also worked on economics education reform as the Program Director at both Econ4 and the Center for Popular Economics.

Susan holds a Ph.D. in Economics from UMass, Amherst, the premier center for research and teaching in heterodox economics. During graduate school, she spent three years as Research Assistant at the Political Economy Research Institute (the organization that famously debunked the influential Rogoff/Reinhart “Growth in the Time of Debt” paper). Before earning her Ph.D., she worked as Research Analyst and a Community Organizer at the Center for Rural Studies in Vermont.

Susan lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Tom Hilbink, and their children.