Courtney Liss discusses a path forward in the fight against sexual assault on college campuses. After hearing from women on my campus, I realized that the issue of sexual assault goes beyond its frequency. Instead, a combination of factors—negative administrative responses to reporting, retaliation against victims from social groups, and the incessant questioning of victims

Roosevelt @ In Action: Tulane

At Tulane, Roosevelter Courtney Liss is working on her campus to support the Campus Accountability and Safety Act currently being debated in the US Senate. Courtney raised money on her campus to create an awareness campaign, including a week of window paintings, a substantial letter writing campaign and several meetings with campus groups and administration

In 2015, at a time when innovative ideas are needed in politics more than ever, Roosevelters are organizing their peers to take their ideas to their elected officials – online and offline. By connecting our ideas to decision makers and power-players, we are creating a groundswell of real policy change. We’re taking our ideas to the place