Joelle Gamble on the importance of addressing policy proposals in the second GOP debate: From our survey, we know that young people have a set of policy priorities they want candidates to cover in an economic debate. Young people are concerned about economic inequality and the ever-increasing role of the financial sector in our economy.

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Roosevelt @ Amherst joined the Bill Newman show on WHMP to talk about their Rethinking Communities project. Listen to the show here:

Our National Network

Roosevelt is home to the nation’s largest network of emerging doers and thinkers—young people who are committed to reimagining and rewriting the rules in their communities. Our members are organized on 130 campuses in 40 states nationwide, from Ivy League universities to community colleges, partnering with policy makers and communicators to provide them with clear, principled

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Emerging Fellow for Healthcare Shauna Rust writes a Letter to the editor in response to Joe Nocera’s Op-ed on E-Cigarettes: While e-cigarettes may present fewer health risks than traditional cigarettes, there is little evidence that e-cigarettes are effective in helping smokers quit. In fact, several studies have shown that even after a year of e-cigarette

Trevor Dolan on the importance of voting for University of Michigan students. People aged 18 to 29 composed 19 percent of the electorate in the 2012 election. This 19 percent had enormous sway, and 60 percent of them voted for President Barack Obama. Our capacity to affect our country’s political future is significant, and we

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THE PROBLEM Historically, colleges and universities have played a passive role in the prevention and education directly relating to sexual assault and rape on their campuses. Common statistics are all too real for far too many students embarking on a path towards higher education. One in five women in college will be sexually assaulted at

Emerging Fellow for Healthcare Shauna Rust was featured in News & Observer: North Carolina should be doing more, not less, to promote adolescent health and reduce teen pregnancies. While teen pregnancy rates have declined over the past decade, tens of thousands of teens still become pregnant in North Carolina each year. The U.S. has one

Roosevelters at the University of Tennessee Knoxville have allied with a host of on-campus groups to oppose Governor Bill Haslam’s privatization plan. The plan would outsource facility management at virtually all state-operated buildings including hospitals, prisons, start parks and National guard sites. Roosevelters are opposing not just the plan itself that could have calamitous repercussions,

In the wake of the Umpqua college shooting, Emerging Fellow for Equal Justice Andrew Lindsay issued the following statement on behalf of Roosevelt: Full text: “In the wake of yet another shooting on a college campus, our thoughts lie with the friends, family, and community of the latest victims of the epidemic of gun violence in

Roosevelt @ Chapters

Roosevelt boasts a nationwide presence, engaging a network of emerging thinkers and doers who believe that when the rules don’t work for everyone, its their responsibility to re-write them. Roosevelt chapters form the beating heart of that network. They’re meeting places, debate forums, and think tanks all in one. With support and guidance from the national team,

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