Roosevelt at UTK’s Hayley Brundige on why “Tennesee is not for sale”: Privatization would not only slash hours and benefits for current workers, but lower the standard of treatment for any new hires. It’s an all-around loss for waged workers in Tennessee and the local economies they contribute to. Read the full piece here!

The University of Michigan, as a public university, has an inherent responsibility to serve the interests of the community it represents. The institution purchases more than $1 billion of goods and services each year, and how the university chooses to spend that money shapes the structure and values of Ann Arbor and Southeastern Michigan as

Roosevelt @ Amherst joined the Bill Newman show on WHMP to talk about their Rethinking Communities project. Listen to the show here:

How the U.S. Government Can Better Promote “Anchor” Institutions Brandi Lupo, Roosevelt Alum, on RegBlog While investing in anchor institutions is no “silver bullet for addressing the socioeconomic challenges” facing communities, the federal government can and should better partner with these institutions to promote development from within communities themselves. The mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, recently

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New Partnership Will Reduce State College Tuition in Washington State Gayle Nelson on Non Profit Quarterly A new public private partnership in Washington State aims to offset skyrocketing higher education costs. Students are also exploring purchasing habits, investment strategies, and financing policies to highlight opportunities to strengthen local communities as well as benefit the institution.

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The Key Point Missing From The College Cost Debate Emma Copeland from Roosevelt @ George Mason on Talking Points Memo The role of colleges as a potential force for good within their more immediate communities is often overlooked when we talk about the costs of college. Indeed, one of the most profound ways a university can improve the

The Ghost of Lehman Brothers Still Haunts Georgetown Aditya Pande from Roosevelt @ Georgetown and Alan Smith on Salon  The ghost of Lehman Brothers is still haunting colleges and universities around the country, continuing to extract money from institutions even though the financial firm itself is long dead.  The effects of this financializaton at Georgetown

Learn more about a college or university’s role in the surrounding community with our Rethinking Communities Infographic.

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Rethinking Communities

The drivers of inequality are complex — but not all of our solutions have to be. The Rethinking Communities project gives students the tools to work with their institutions of higher learning and communities to identify and advance solutions that promote broadly shared economic progress. The project focuses on anchor institutions, a term for large employers such

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David Meni of Roosevelt @ George Washington talks about the problems with under banking in D.C. Filmed and edited by Kinjo Kiema and Simone Rochelle Jackenthal