Over the past month, college students across the county have explored how financialization affects their schools with a series of trainings led by Refund America, Hedge Clippers, LittleSis, and the Roosevelt Institute. As many students know, Wall Street firms make billions of dollars off of higher education every year through vehicles including toxic swaps and exorbitant

If history is any indication, campaign promises do not necessarily foreshadow a candidate’s actions after assuming office. They do, however, serve as a mode of accountability and serve to pressure elected officials to act in the interest of the public. For Millennials who believe in a green energy future and an America that upholds the

Every presidential election, politicians tell us that this election is the most consequential ever. It is fair to be a bit cynical of this trope but it is an understandable and even noble exaggeration; elections matter and if hyping up an election as the most important ever increases political engagement, then God bless. However, this

Our generation has the most to lose or gain in this election. In a political climate marked by hyperbolic and hateful rhetoric from politicians, in which immigrants, women, and people of color have been consistently degraded and threatened, we know that it matters more than ever who writes the rules. But this election has focused

It often seems as if we live in an era of eroding democracy, and as we head into the final weeks of the 2016 election, many Americans appear dissatisfied with both major party nominees. However, democracy means more than pulling a lever once every four years. Direct democracy—everyday people making collective decisions about the issues

Although presidential debates do play an informative role, they are presented and consumed primarily as entertainment, and Monday’s debate was no different. Unfortunately, that means the candidates touched only lightly, or not at all, on topics of great importance. Exhibit A: The Federal Reserve. Full disclosure: I’m an economic policy nerd who supports the Fed’s

In a speech targeting millennials this week, Hillary Clinton sought to forge a partnership with young people and, above all, to get them to the polls in November. In the last few minutes of her half-hour speech, Clinton made a targeted pitch for voter registration, stating, “Go to iwillvote.com and register today. Register your friends.

Millennials are a fractured generation. Despite interconnectivity beyond the wildest dreams of our parents and grandparents, we live deeply separated lives. We scroll through our algorithmically curated Twitter feeds and Facebook Timelines and consume media narrowly tailored to our interests on Tumblr, Netflix, and Spotify. Although this phenomenon is often framed negatively, these small communities

With the fall semester underway at American University in Washington, D.C., students are starting new classes, making new friends, and joining new clubs. Most of these students will pay over $43,000 this year in tuition and fees, and collectively their payments will account for nearly four-fifths of the school’s operating budget. But a sizable portion

In the 2012 election, millennials comprised 19 percent of the national electorate and had the lowest voter turnout rate (46 percent) of any age group. This trend was reflected on college campuses across the country, including the University of Georgia. According to a study conducted by Tufts, only 45 percent of the UGA student body voted in