Last night, Ivanka Trump claimed that as president, her father would fight for equal pay, affordable childcare, and labor laws that lead to greater equity for women and working families. One of three things was happening here: (a) She accidentally took a page from Hillary Clinton’s playbook; (b) Donald Trump has an entire women’s platform

Last week, the Democratic Party released its official platform, which included a very important plank regarding the appointment of federal regulators. In the section titled “Fixing our Financial System,” the party explicitly states: “We believe that personnel is policy.” It goes even further, though, by promising not to appoint anyone who is “beholden to the

In the weeks since the Brexit referendum, the narrative has shifted from Remain versus Out to young versus old. Whereas about 72 percent of people ages 18–24 voted Remain, this was only true of 32 percent of voters older than 65. But there was an equally staggering difference in turnout between the generations: Initial estimates

If you caught Fox News commentator Rudy Giuliani’s frothing rhetoric on Monday Night Raw the first night of the Republican National Convention, then you might be wondering when to expect the galloping four horsemen of the apocalypse, or asking yourself how long before the stomping hooves of Satan’s legions becomes audible as their march reaches the gates of modern civilization.

For too long, progressive policymakers have abandoned their foundational belief in broad taxes, universal programs, and collective prosperity for fear of appearing pro-government. Without opposition, conservative ambition for tax-slashing and anti-government rhetoric has swollen to biblical proportions. (Literally, in the case of some late candidacies.) The most recent example is Paul Ryan’s tax plan, which proposes a

Just when you thought we had reached the nadir of conservative American politics, the party of Donald Trump showed us it is indeed possible for things to get worse. This week the GOP developed a party platform that doubles down on its politics of exclusion, willfully ignoring the very factors that led to its demise