For progressives who want to see Hillary Clinton in the White House, or those who simply want to keep Donald Trump out of it, now is the time for organizing and mobilizing. But if Americans wake up on November 9 with the sinking realization that they have elected a bigoted, temperamental, and dangerously uninformed reality

While states like Colorado or Virginia have recently drifted into the Democratic column due to changing demographics, New Hampshire remains one of the swingiest of swing states. This year is no exception. I have been canvassing southern New Hampshire, specifically Nashua, since late summer, and the state motto, “Live Free or Die,” rings true. I

If history is any indication, campaign promises do not necessarily foreshadow a candidate’s actions after assuming office. They do, however, serve as a mode of accountability and serve to pressure elected officials to act in the interest of the public. For Millennials who believe in a green energy future and an America that upholds the

I cannot claim complete sobriety during last night’s third and final presidential debate, but I also do not think that any amount of alertness would have helped me understand how more than two-fifths of American voters plan to cast their vote in support of Donald Trump on November 28th.  So, absent any logical reason to vote for Trump,

Every presidential election, politicians tell us that this election is the most consequential ever. It is fair to be a bit cynical of this trope but it is an understandable and even noble exaggeration; elections matter and if hyping up an election as the most important ever increases political engagement, then God bless. However, this

This presidential election season has had one happy byproduct: extensive public discussion of the extent to which wealthy Americans avoid paying taxes. Obviously, the revelation that Donald Trump himself has likely avoided paying income taxes entirely since booking a nearly $1 billion capital loss in 1995 is the clearest example. But there’s also Hillary Clinton’s

Earlier this month, The New York Times revealed a $916 million loss on Donald Trump’s 1995 tax return. Expert analysis and common sense suggest that Trump used this loss to offset most, if not all, of his federal tax liability for the next 15 years as well as the preceding three, as the Internal Revenue

Our generation has the most to lose or gain in this election. In a political climate marked by hyperbolic and hateful rhetoric from politicians, in which immigrants, women, and people of color have been consistently degraded and threatened, we know that it matters more than ever who writes the rules. But this election has focused

We believe our generation has the most to lose or gain in this election. That’s why we came together to build the Next Generation Blueprint for 2016. Crowdsourced from more than 1,000 people in our network from 160+ cities, colleges, and universities, the Blueprint makes a bold claim: It matters who rewrites the rules, not just

This past Sunday marked the second of three presidential debates. So far, discussions of race in these debates (and in our broader electoral discourse) seems exclusively focused on the inherent criminality of communities of color, despite efforts from young people of color in social justice movements to shift the conversation. Black folks are only discussed