In the wake of the most divisive national election in modern memory, President Obama has stressed that the president-elect and others in positions of power must send out “signals of unity” to maintain “the norms of a functioning democracy,” including the norms of “civility, tolerance, and a commitment to reason…facts and analysis.” But evidence of

In the wake of the election, any number of long-shot strategies has been floated for avoiding the likely outcome of the Electoral College designating Donald Trump as the next U.S. president. From costly recounting of ballots in Midwestern states to “faithless electors” that vote against their state’s winner when the college convenes on December 19, these

An election night survey conducted by Democracy Corps on behalf of the Roosevelt Institute finds that Roosevelt’s Rewriting the Rules message—that inequality is a choice, and that we can rewrite the rules to level the playing field and grow the economy—is a winner with voters, who strongly favor a call for bold action over the messages they heard

When we look at American history, the great progressive eras follow the darkest, most conservative times. As deeply painful as a Trump presidency will be, if we continue to build the emerging progressive movements of our day, we will accelerate the coming of the next powerful burst of progressive change in our country. The Dred

Donald Trump winning the presidential election was a genuine surprise, so it’s interesting to see how the stock market reacted to the sudden news that the Republicans will have a unified government. The market is up slightly overall, another point of evidence that what’s good for the stock market is not at all necessarily good

Voting opens in all U.S. states tomorrow morning, and the presidency, Congress, our courts, and our state houses are all on the line. But in North Carolina, where voters have been casting ballots since October 20, the election has already begun. Changing demographics, recently revoked Voter ID laws, and a robust organizing community have made

For progressives who want to see Hillary Clinton in the White House, or those who simply want to keep Donald Trump out of it, now is the time for organizing and mobilizing. But if Americans wake up on November 9 with the sinking realization that they have elected a bigoted, temperamental, and dangerously uninformed reality

While states like Colorado or Virginia have recently drifted into the Democratic column due to changing demographics, New Hampshire remains one of the swingiest of swing states. This year is no exception. I have been canvassing southern New Hampshire, specifically Nashua, since late summer, and the state motto, “Live Free or Die,” rings true. I

If history is any indication, campaign promises do not necessarily foreshadow a candidate’s actions after assuming office. They do, however, serve as a mode of accountability and serve to pressure elected officials to act in the interest of the public. For Millennials who believe in a green energy future and an America that upholds the

I cannot claim complete sobriety during last night’s third and final presidential debate, but I also do not think that any amount of alertness would have helped me understand how more than two-fifths of American voters plan to cast their vote in support of Donald Trump on November 28th.  So, absent any logical reason to vote for Trump,