We are in a moment of a true emergency, with a government-induced shutdown of the economy in effect in order to tackle the global COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus is wreaking havoc on our country especially, with nearly 150,000 cases reported to date and no signs of slowing in the immediate future. As medical professionals and

Policymakers are quick to consider the costs that uncompetitive markets impose on consumers: monopolies and oligopolies raise prices above the fair, competitive level. But competition policy isn’t just about prices; it’s also about jobs. When a firm raises prices, fewer consumers buy its goods or services. As a result, the firm produces less than it

The Affordable Care Act has allowed millions of Americans to gain health care, and I was one of them. But that doesn’t mean the law is flawless. In October 2016, I had an unfortunate accident in which I dislocated and fractured my ankle. This might not seem like a big deal, but I happen to

DePaul University, the largest Catholic university in the U.S., describes itself as “Catholic, Vincentian, and urban.” DePaul claims to be tolerant of many different cultures and identities and ideas, which is a huge selling point for the campus and a major reason why I decided to attend. Students can obtain a degree in Women and