On Thursday, December 8, 2016, Roosevelt Fellow Mike Konczal testified before the House Financial Services Committee regarding a proposed rollback of Dodd-Frank regulations. Click here to watch the hearing. His prepared testimony is embedded below and available for download here.

While on the campaign trail, President-Elect Donald Trump spoke on several occasions about the importance of tackling corporate antitrust issues. Most notably, Trump targeted the acquisition of The Washington Post by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and the proposed AT&T-Time Warner merger. Regarding the Post acquisition, Trump stated that “[Bezos has] got a huge antitrust problem

Last week saw the spectacle of a president-elect effectively using his bully pulpit to keep a single company from offshoring jobs. Simultaneously, another U.S. company was told by a Geneva trading group that job preservation efforts there were illegal under international law. Why was the first case (Donald Trump’s promising of tax breaks to keep Carrier jobs

America needs genuine infrastructure investment now more than ever—and that means more than just filling potholes. It means building the foundation for 21st century commerce, which is a long-term strategic necessity. It includes public investments in high-speed rail, universal broadband, and a carbon-reducing power grid, all of which will drive growth and help usher in

An election night survey conducted by Democracy Corps on behalf of the Roosevelt Institute finds that Roosevelt’s Rewriting the Rules message—that inequality is a choice, and that we can rewrite the rules to level the playing field and grow the economy—is a winner with voters, who strongly favor a call for bold action over the messages they heard

From climate change to immigration reform, many progressive priorities are dead on arrival with the coming of President-elect Donald J. Trump. However, there’s at least one Trump priority that overlaps in part with progressive concerns: trade policy. As Michael Moore argued in July, Trump’s successful cooptation of labor unions’ talking points on trade catapulted him

Donald Trump winning the presidential election was a genuine surprise, so it’s interesting to see how the stock market reacted to the sudden news that the Republicans will have a unified government. The market is up slightly overall, another point of evidence that what’s good for the stock market is not at all necessarily good

AT&T’s proposed $85.4 billion purchase of Time Warner has been met with skepticism from Wall Street as well as open opposition from politicians and regulators. Commentary on the merger has flagged the significant anticompetitive concerns associated with the proposed vertical integration of a content creator (Time Warner) and content distributor (AT&T) across two highly concentrated

The universal basic income: It’s an idea that has captured interest across ideologies — from libertarians to the Movement for Black Lives, from labor leaders to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Today, Roosevelt is excited to launch a project to investigate its effects, how it would work, and how we could make it a reality. First things

It often seems as if we live in an era of eroding democracy, and as we head into the final weeks of the 2016 election, many Americans appear dissatisfied with both major party nominees. However, democracy means more than pulling a lever once every four years. Direct democracy—everyday people making collective decisions about the issues