The conversation on Millennial participation in this election has become stuck in a rut. As the Washington Post noted a few weeks ago, many of the go-to methods for outreach to young voters are perceived as lacking authenticity and substance. Gimmicks drive eyeballs but not hearts and minds. Yet while our generation is disenchanted with

In the weeks since the Brexit referendum, the narrative has shifted from Remain versus Out to young versus old. Whereas about 72 percent of people ages 18–24 voted Remain, this was only true of 32 percent of voters older than 65. But there was an equally staggering difference in turnout between the generations: Initial estimates

Joelle Gamble, National Director of the Roosevelt Network, tells Fox Business that it’s time for candidates to start reaching out to young people. “At the end of the day they have to listen they have to be willing to listen they have to be told that they’re wrong but at the end of the day

College students across the country are rallying around issues ranging from rising student debt to divestment to sexual assault. These movements become stronger with each new campus group that adds its voice to the national collective, demonstrating that there is power in numbers. Yet while it is important to highlight national problems at the university

This report provides a generalized cost-benefit analysis of a potential rule promulgated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that would require public corporations to disclose corporate political spending. Existing evidence on both the dynamics of corporate political spending and the costs and benefits of SEC mandatory disclosure in general, as well as the use

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