For decades, the Republican Party’s signature economic policy agenda has been to reduce taxes on the rich. In order to justify their agenda, the party has developed an elaborate ideology of taxation that says taxing the rich makes them less likely to do things in the public interest, like supply their highly-skilled labor and invest

This presidential election season has had one happy byproduct: extensive public discussion of the extent to which wealthy Americans avoid paying taxes. Obviously, the revelation that Donald Trump himself has likely avoided paying income taxes entirely since booking a nearly $1 billion capital loss in 1995 is the clearest example. But there’s also Hillary Clinton’s

Yesterday’s news that Bayer Pharmaceuticals will purchase the agribusiness giant Monsanto for $66 billion—pending regulatory review—adds fuel to the growing fire of skepticism about current antitrust policy. It follows the announcement of two other megadeals in the same broad industry: DuPont’s merger with Dow Chemical and China National Chemical Corporation’s acquisition of Syngenta. All six