Katy Milani is a Director of Advocacy and Policy at Roosevelt Forward where she works on economic and regulatory policy issues with a focus on banking and housing policy. She coauthored “Untamed: How to Check Corporate, Financial and Monopoly Power.”

Many Americans feel the pinch (or crushing burden) of high housing costs. This issue is a top priority for most Americans—91 percent say “stable affordable housing is very or one of the most important things that affect people’s security and well-being.” Housing isn’t a commodity: It’s a necessity. Every person needs a safe and quality

Secretary Clinton made a bold statement in her speech in Toledo, Ohio this week: “It’s time to rewrite the rules and make this economy fair for everyone.” Here at Roosevelt, we couldn’t agree more. But what exactly does she mean? And how do both presidential candidates measure up to our vision to rewrite the rules

Though they’re both under Republican control, the houses of Congress are operating on two different wavelengths. While the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee convened a hearing this week with Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf to question the firm’s massive consumer fraud, the House Financial Services Committee marked up and passed out of the committee a

The gig economy, also known as the sharing or on-demand economy, has captured the attention of the media and policymakers for good reason: The changing nature of work raises a number of tricky questions about how the rules of our economy, ranging from labor to education to the social safety net, should respond and evolve.