Andrew Lindsay is a former Roosevelt Emerging Fellow in Equal Justice and Roosevelt @ Amherst Alum. He is currently a Liberty and National Security Research Associate at the Brennan Center for Justice.

Millennials are a fractured generation. Despite interconnectivity beyond the wildest dreams of our parents and grandparents, we live deeply separated lives. We scroll through our algorithmically curated Twitter feeds and Facebook Timelines and consume media narrowly tailored to our interests on Tumblr, Netflix, and Spotify. Although this phenomenon is often framed negatively, these small communities

 In this Report, Roosevelt Network’s Emerging Fellow for Equal Justice Andrew Lindsay recommends that Massachusetts pursue expanded community harm reduction pre-trial diversion programs as a means of reducing recidivism, new incarceration, and drug abuse through revisions to the JusticeReinvestment Act (S. 64/ H. 1429). This paper argues that current justice reinvestment strategies pay insufficient attention to the structural issues